“Natural flavors continue to be our most popular format, followed by non-GMO and organic. Both nostalgic flavor profiles and fantasy flavor profiles are popular. Forté can mimic these profiles in all three formats. Examples of fantasy flavors are cookie dough and blue raspberry. They are profiles that do not exist in nature; however, we can create these using natural flavoring ingredients. Our most popular nostalgic flavor requests are caramel, butterscotch, and maple.”

Stacey also identifies vanilla as a top flavor. Vanilla is a versatile flavor that may stand alone for sugar cookies or combined with chocolate, coffee, and/or fruit to give baked goods a rich, rounded flavor. The other two top flavors for Forté’s customers are blueberry and lemon. Lemon is a tangy profile that lends itself well in icings, cookies, cakes, and baked snacks. Interestingly, blueberry the fruit itself has very little taste or aroma; consumers have become accustomed to a blueberry taste that can sometimes only be achieved by adding a blueberry flavor.

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